Freida Pinto Films Her First Sex Scene Pictures

Freida Pinto Films Her First Sex Scene

Freida Pinto, the 'Slumdog Milionaire' girl, has filmed her first sex scene. Freida Pinto has shot this sensuous scene for her movie 'Immortal', a new Greek mythological tale which is directed by acclaimed director Tarsem Singh, known for his movies 'The Fall' and 'The Cell'.

Freida Pinto shoots for her first sex scene

Tarsem revealed, "Poor girl. It's the first time we have Freida Pinto and guesa what, it's a sex scene. It's a delicate situation. We're trying to get all of the lights out, so we can create an intimate situation. Only 80 people watching you and 20 of them with video cameras!"

'Immortal' also stars actors Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavill.

Freida Pinto's role of Latika in 'Slumdog Milionaire' made her an international star overnight and she signed many films with leading Hollywood directors such as Woody Allen. Freida Pinto has also appeared on the covers of many international magazines.

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