Why Do Many Graduates Of Beauty Schools

Opt to Go Into Entrepreneurship?

Why Do Many Graduates of Beauty Schools Opt to Go Into Entrepreneurship?We have seen, over the years, a trend where many - actually a majority - of the graduates from beauty schools opt to go into entrepreneurship, rather than staying in employment all their lives. This trend is interesting, especially when you take into consideration the fact that in many places, the percentage of graduates of beauty schools who opt to go into entrepreneurship is even bigger than that of business school graduates who opt to go the same route. To the critical thinker, this is food for thought, because there must be some factors behind it.
So, why do many graduates of beauty schools opt to go into entrepreneurship?
Well, one factor behind the trend where many graduates of beauty schools opt to go into entrepreneurship is because they recon that they will make more money in business than in paid employment. And remarkably, most of the time, this reckoning tends to be actually true. In many cases the difference between being in paid employment and going into business for oneself in the beauty industry is simply exponential, so that whichever way one opts to look at it, there is simply no comparison between the two. In a situation like this, continuing in paid employment (when you could be making many times more in business) would constitute a completely irrational decision.Another factor that is behind the trend where many graduates of beauty schools opt to go into business for themselves is demand related. This is the fact that there is a huge demand for beauty professionals, so that they know even if they fail in the ventures they try out, they can always get back their jobs - or get similar ones, elsewhere. This is not the case in most other sectors. There are sectors where one sees better prospects in business, but still decides to hang on to the paid employment; knowing that should they get out of paid employment and fail in business too, their situation would be precarious, as they may not be able to regain their old positions. What is worth keeping in mind, about the graduates of beauty having so many choices is that they tend to be quite talented artists, offering a distinctive service; which justifies the great demand they find themselves in. It helps, in this regard too, that the beauty industry is one in which competition for professional beauticians is still very high. We are likely to start seeing a change in this aspect as the number of beauty-schools continues to grow and the market gets saturated with graduates of the said beauty schools.
Further still, another factor behind the trend where most graduates of the beauty schools go into entrepreneurship is the fact that setting up most beauty-related businesses is not too demanding, in terms of capital outlay and such things. These are the sorts of things that serve as 'barriers to entry' in other industries, but in the beauty industry, they don't seem to manifest; meaning more and more graduates of beauty schools can go into entrepreneurship.

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