Saving Money With Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

Health Insurance
A Private Health Plan can be Helpful
Are you part of the close to 40% of consumers that gets insurance from the company you are working for? If you are, you might be paying half of the monthly health insurance plan as payroll reduction.
The national average for the U.S is close to $15k, so that means $7k each year. And to be honest some employee might be better off buying private insurance.
If you have not looked into it yet, it might be worth it. At least looking at what your options would be if you went with a private plan is worth the shot. People are already starting to switch to private because they see that its cheaper for them to get off their employers plans. Whatever you do decided to do, make sure that what you get with the private policy has the same benefits as the one you currently have. You don't want to end up paying less but also getting less medical benefits.

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