Sayali Bhagat G2 Magazine Photo Shoot

Sayali Bhagat G2 Magazine Photo Shoot


Despite Sayali Bhagat having had a slow start in Bollywood, this girl still continues to name news. After having starred in The Train and a couple of other films, Sayali is back to freshen your minds this summer, with her role of a 'cover-girl' in 'G2' (The Global Gujarati) magazine.

In this issue, she takes the readers through her childhood, her entry into Bollywood, her formal training in acting, her definition of an 'ideal man', her dream heroes and her dream roles. She also clarifies the rumors that had her shifting base to the south.

All in all, this issue of 'G2' surely serves as an eye cooler during the time when the sun refuses to show mercy in the earthlings!

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