Pakistan Has Most Sexy Girls Pictures

Which Area Of Pakistan Has Most Sexy Girls

When we mention Lahori girls ofcourse we are referring to girls from Punjab and Punjabi women from all parts….. Multan to Kashmir. Sindhi women have hardly been seen by public (except for benazir!!) because the feudal style of the culture which is existing there doesnt allow that. Pathan girls and also afghani girls/women are much more beautiful but ofcourse you know they are also hidden behind veils and burqas because of strict shariat laws and mullah hold. Balochi girls, like Sindhi and Pathan girls, are not seen in any walk of life mostly. Its their culture and tribal traditions ofcourse. This leaves us karachi where girls from all Pakistan exist because it is such a cosmopolitan and multi – faith and multi – ethnic city, you have mohajir girls who are from all the immigrant families from India, rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Behari, dehli-walay, bengali, gujrati etc etc. IMHO when we look at Karachi and highlight at all the nationalities, ethnicities and races which are there, of course we should know that Karachi girls represent the whole sub continent in this little part of Pakistan. Its therefore my conclusion that Karachi girls are ofcourse the most beautiful (you can call them ’sexy’ if you want) owing to the fact that they represent such a vast area and culture of the whole subcontinent of south Asia ….. not just Pakistan.
Every body has its own taste in girls, some like simple and some like modern. Mostly Modern can be found in big cities like Lahore, Karachi , Islama bad etc. And mostly simple Girls can be found in Small cities. Villages or towns.
But guys i would like to bring your attention that recently i been to Malaysia and guess what i saw……….!!!!!!! Embarassed
I found few Pakistani Gays were standing out side the dance club.
And guys be ready…earlier Pakistan was famous because of Gorii Missile. and wouldn’t be wonder if later on will be famous for Gays..
Chill guys but please if you found few suggest them to go to Peshawar or Maina wali…
Take care guys See yaa!!!

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